There is never a 100% safe way to take drugs. You are always taking a risk when ingesting or consuming drugs. The test device is intended to detect if there is fentanyl in a sample. The test device is NOT intended to detect a fentanyl-free sample. Meaning a negative test result is NOT conclusive evidence of a fentanyl-free sample and should not determine whether you consume the drug or not. The test device is NOT intended for drug users to determine the purity, composition or if the substance being examined is safe to use.  A positive or negative test result is NOT an indication that the substance being examined is safe to use. There are too many possible user errors including solubility, pH level, and sample size to warrant a negative test result safe or even fentanyl-free. HOWEVER, the only way to ever know if the sample is positive for fentanyl is to test and we encourage testing all and every sample that is proposed for consumption. The device is used for harm reduction purposes only.

How to use the strips

  • Preparation

    Put crushed drugs in a glass and add a little water.  Make sure the drug is thoroughly mixed with the water.

  • Dip

    Dip the wave-patterned side of the strip into the water for 10-30 seconds.  Set strip color-side up.

  • Results

    Within 5 minutes (usually takes 30 seconds to a minute), the strip will show either
    one control line (positive), two control lines (negative), or no control lines (inconclusive).

What makes these strips special?

  • Fast

    Test results after just 5 minutes!

  • Accurate

    In a study by Johns Hopkins, these strips were the most accurate in detecting Fentanyl and its analogs, citing >98% accuracy.

  • Precise

    Johns Hopkins concluded these strips detect Fentanyl presence with as low as 0.13 micrograms/ml


Is Fentanyl only in heroin?

No.  Fentanyl has been found in counterfeit prescription pills, MDMA, cocaine, and heroin.

How much Fentanyl does it take to kill a user?

It depends on age, weight, height, and tolerance, but typically a dose 2/1000 of a gram is fatal. 

If my test is negative after testing my product, does that mean my drug is safe to use?

No, not at all. Drugs are dangerous regardless if fentanyl is in it or not, and should never be deemed safe. Also, there are chances of user error when testing the sample that would warrant a false negative test. This is why a negative test should never indicate whether you ingest the drug or not.

Who manufactures the strips?

We are an official distributor for BTNX Inc. BTNX is a Canadian-based test company with the most accurate strips on the market, as proved by Johns Hopkins Research Institute.  Find out more here

Do these strips ensure my safety?

Although the test device has proven to be greater than 98% effective, there is never a guarantee that your drugs don't have fentanyl in them. There can either be extremely small traces (which are still deadly) not detected by the strips, or a new strand altogether. However, if the sample does test positive you should discard of the entire sample.